USA Swimming is requiring all swim clubs under its jurisdiction to adopt the following MINOR ATHLETE ABUSE PREVENTION POLICY by June 23, 2019.  Please review.  I would like to highlight the section regarding 'Social Media and Electronic Communications.'

  • Coaches (or any applicable adult) will no longer be able to have one-on-one voice or text conversations with minor athletes.  If your swimmer texts a coach, we cannot respond without including the parent on the text.  If your minor swimmer calls a coach, we cannot have a conversation without the parent on the line.  Please explain these regulations to your swimmer, so they understand why we may not reply to a text from them.  It would be best if all texts to any coaches come from the parent.
  • Coaches may not be 'friends' with any minor athletes on social media.  Please ask your swimmers not to post friend request or follow coaches personal pages.  Team pages are fine.
  • Group texts are allowed, but at least one other adult must be included.
  • Coaches/Applicable adults are not allowed in the locker room at the same time as minor athletes.

Thanks for your help implementing the new policy!!