Aqualaps 2021 - Online Fundraising Portal is Now Live

Cheryl Fellman

Good Afternoon, GSC Families!

As I stated in my last email, while we all had hoped and wished that we would be back to our normal Aqualaps fundraising efforts this year, the reality is that we just aren’t there yet. The challenges of the Covid pandemic are still very real. As a result, for 2021, GSC is proceeding with a significantly modified version of our traditional fundraising campaign.

  • GSC is waiving the $350 annual membership fee charged to families again this year.
  • Swimmers will not be required to fundraise this year to offset their annual membership costs.
  • The online fundraising portal has been activated on the GSC homepage, under the 2021 Aqualaps tab, for swimmers wishing to go above and beyond to help GSC raise the much needed funds, via electronic channels only.
  • GSC will be reaching out, via letter, directly to local businesses seeking corporate sponsorship.

GSC continues to be impacted financially during these unprecedented times. And while we are removing the requirement for swimmers to fundraise this year, the reality is that GSC still could sure use our help.

For those swimmers wanting to help fundraise, we are including a link below to a YouTube tutorial, which walks you through how to customize your profile page on the GSC website and solicit online donations through the use of social media platforms and the importing of email addresses.

As an incentive for swimmers to fundraise, in a Covid-safe electronic manner only, we will be offering various prizes based on the amount of money swimmers raise. We are in the process of determining the various tier levels and prize options so please stay tuned for more information on that.

Please feel free to contact me directly via email at [email protected] or text me at (907)723-8532 if you run into any issues and want assistance with setting up your profile page.



Cheryl Fellman, Aqualaps Chair