Savannah Cayce Memorial Travel Scholarship

Glacier Swim Club

Juneau, AK


Rationale:  This travel scholarship is to be managed jointly by Glacier Swim Club (GSC) and a representative of the Savannah Cayce family, and is subject to a yearly review.  The intent of the scholarship is to provide a Glacier Swim Club member, in 8th – 12th grade, with financial assistance to attend a swim meet or camp outside of Juneau.  It is the desire of the Cayce/Haight family (Sunny and Glenn Haight, Seth and Jocelyn Cayce) that this award be not entirely based on financial need, but that it go to a deserving swimmer who: 1) can identify how the travel will expand and supplement his/her swimming career, 2) can explain how the travel will help him/her to reach his/her swimming goals, and 3) has demonstrated clear commitment to the club in general.


Funding Sources:  Initially, the award is suggested to be $400.00 contributed by GSC, with approval from the GSC Board of Directors, and $200.00 from the Savannah Cayce Memorial Fund, with approval from a representative of the Cayce/Haight family.


Award:  Yearly, the financial award will be on a 2:1 ratio, as determined by the review committee each year, with GSC responsible for the greater amount.  It will be awarded to one swimmer per year.


Criteria for award:  This award will be given to one swimmer per year, based on the following criteria:

  1. Completion of an application form.
  2. Completion of an essay, not to exceed two-pages, typed and double-spaced, responding to this statement:  “Write an essay describing 1) your commitment to Glacier Swim Club, 2) how this travel will expand or supplement your swimming career, and 3) how the travel will help you achieve your swimming goals for this season.”
  3. On-time submission of completed application.

Administration:  The fund will be administered jointly by a representative of the Cayce/Haight family and the GSC Scholarship committee.  This committee will annually review the following:  award amount, application and selection procedures, and timelines.

Application procedures / Timeline

  • Application form will be posted on the GSC website or can be obtained from the GSC Administrative Assistant starting January 15th.  
  • Complete applications will include the application form, as well as the essay.
  • Completed applications with essay are due back to the Administrative Assistant by February 15th.
  • Award recipient will be notified by March 15.
  • The award amount must be used by August 15.

Selection procedures: 

  • Eligible applicants will be GSC Club members who are in 8th – 12th grade.
  • The selection committee will include the head coach, administrative assistant, an additional board member, and a representative of the Cayce/Haight family if they so desire.
  • This committee will review the applications and make a determination of a deserving swimmer.


Fiscal Reporting:  The GSC Treasurer will be responsible for all fiscal aspects of the award, including, but not limited to, communicating with the GSC administrative assistant and/or travel coordinator for ensuring the award is properly credited to the award recipient, and ensuring that all legal and/or tax statutes for reporting are followed.

2022 Savannah Cayce Scholarship Application


2014 - Ciera Kelly

2015 - Bergen Davis

2016 - Emily Heaton

2017 - Aidan Seid

2018 - Samson Anderson

2019 - Sadie Jenkins

2020 - Savannah Brohard

2021 - Sven Rasmussen

2022 - Clive Mateo