Yuma HEAT swimming offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. From the youngest novice swimmers to the collegiate and national level competitors, we focus on age-specific training and multifaceted personal growth within all of our athletes.

Our seven groups Red, Yellow, Orange, Silver, Gold, Masters & San Luis Squad are specifically designed to challenge and develop each individual to his/her fullest potential. Within those squads, training groups are subdivided to provide the most effective instruction, learning and swimmer development.

Yuma HEAT Team Philosophy
To encourage every Yuma HEAT Swimming athlete to practice and sustain the level of excellence necessary to bring out the champion within – both in the competitive swimming arena and beyond.  To foster and environment where excellence is valued and the development of the whole child is inevitable.

Core Values
With swimming as the primary mode of education, Yuma HEAT Swimming endeavors to help your child grow not only as an athlete, but as a person.  In doing so, Heat athletes are expected to embrace three core values:  personal integrity, social responsibility, and competitive excellence.

  • Personal integrity mandates swimmers exhibit behavior conducive to one’s core values and beliefs – simply, this is about making good decisions.

  • Social responsibility encompasses the ability to work cooperatively, to give and earn respect, to demonstrate leadership, and to set the standard in all that we do – in and out of the pool.

  • Competitive excellence is the adherence to determination, drive and passion – giving 110% in anything worth doing and competing at the highest levels within our sport.

The individual and collective talents within Yuma HEAT Swimming create our competitive advantage as a comprehensive team with an athlete-centered program.  Our core values of competitive excellence, social responsibility and personal integrity guide the conduct of our program and fulfill our responsibility to develop highly-principled athletes who ultimately become champions for life.