How to commit (sign up) an athlete or athletes for a swim meet:

1. Go to the Yuma Heat Swimming home page at and Sign In to your account 
2. Go to the Meets/Events tab on the home page and find the desired meet 
3. Click Attend/Decline or Edit Commitment below the desired meet 
* if the meet deadline has passed then you will not be able to commit your swimmer/s 
4. Click Undeclared Athletes tab 
5. Set any desired filters and click Search if needed 
6. Select the athlete(s) you wish to commit by putting a check mark next to their name(s) (click check box next to "Member Name" column header to select all) and click Multi-Commit to Attend 
7. Once this is done they will appear in the Committed Athlete Tab 
8. Alternatively you can click on a single name and sign them up by using the Signup Record or Declaration pull down menu 
a. If there is an ev3 file attached to the meet (drop down is labeled "Signup Record") you will then be able to commit them for individual events by placing a check mark next to the desired events 
b. Click Save Changes 
c. Your swimmer is now committed and signed up for the meet. 
d. Make sure that you are aware of any meet related emails that are sent out.