*All fees are due prior to the first class at the beginning of the month ($54.00 monthly fee/ $30 Gap Insurance once a year- which needs to be renewed every May.) Registration is done online/ automated withdrawal for returners. Swimmers are welcome to return month after month, but must communicate to Coach Theresa with verification of a spot via email each month. Initial registration takes place at

*We run classes 1 month at a time. Swimmers are registered for 2 x 30 minute classes a week.

*Swimmers will be placed in the appropriate PreComp level based on the coaches discretion. Swimmers will also graduate to the next level, or remain in the same level based on the coaches discretion. If a swimmer is originally placed in a level that is not in the swimmers best interest, the coach may move the swimmer during the lesson for the remainder of the month.

*Parents are asked to deliver their swimmers to their coaches at the start of the class, and to take a seat on the bleachers. Hovering over the class is a distraction to your child and coaches. Thank you!!!!

*Swimmers are asked to use the restroom before each class.

*Swimmers are asked to come to class prepared. One piece, tight fitting suits are preferred for girls. Jammers or trunks are fine for boys. Proper fitting, competitive goggles are recommend. (Please adjust these are home prior to the start of class. Please, no scuba googles, with eyes and noses covered.)

*Swimmers are asked to stay on the wall at all times, unless escorted off the wall by a coach. If this rule is not abided by, coaches may ask swimmers to sit out of the water on the deck when waiting for their turn. This is for the safety of the swimmers, and is taken very seriously.



Richard McClure,, 928-210-2847

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