* No Entry Requirement (Swimmers do not need to know how to swim) However, swimmers must be 3 years of age, and may NOT be a safety hazard to themselves or others. The Pre-Competitive group is part of a process designed to help beginners with no experience transition to a year round competitive USA sanctioned swim team. Swimmers will begin interacting as a team unit while increasing swimming and water safety skills, gaining fitness, and having fun.

Pre-Comp 1 - Beginners will focus on gradual water adaptation with a focus on gaining confidence in a horizontal versus a vertical body position to include; blowing bubbles, opening eyes underwater while retrieving submerged objects, basic water safety skills, bobbing with air exchange, front and back floats, streamline glides on front and back, kicking on front and back with a kick board, deep water exploration, “big arms” as a beginning front crawl (freestyle) with an emphasis on learning how to breathe, and basic backstroke. All skills will be performed with assistance until the swimmer shows confidence on their own. The above skills must be mastered along with the requirement of swimming alone 5 yards on front and back to progress to PreComp 2.

Pre-Comp 2 - Somewhat experienced swimmers will learn water safety skills, bobbing with air exchange, floating on front and back, streamline glides on front and back, learning freestyle or “front crawl” with side breathing, backstroke with an emphasis on proper technique, diving, and deep water exploration. Swimmers must preform 25 yards of Freestyle and Backstroke comfortably to progress to the Red Squad. (First level of the competitive swim team)