Yuma Heats typical protocol for moving swimmers up from DEVELOPMENTAL 3 TO JUNIOR
Generally, this happens twice a year. Once after the short course season is completed in April. And again, after the conclusion of the long course season, which is generally in August.
At the conclusion of the entire short course season (April) all of the coaches will meet and go over the following
These are the stipulations and considerations when deciding if a swimmer will move up from Orange to Silver:
  1. Age and maturity ( behavior)
  2. Work ethic and dedication to the sport. (Must start attending travel meets.  Please see the tab regarding Silver squad expectations)
  3. Sustainability – conditioning - technique
  4. GENERALLY the swimmer has an individual Junior Olympic cut.
This decision is made solely by the coaches. ( Squad numbers/  pool space and other small details are always a topic of discussion as well.)  Coaches will meet with prospect swimmers and families in April after spring break. The swimmer and the parents then have the choice to decide if they are ready for the challenge and commitment.