Mesa Aquatics Club Service Hour Program

Mesa Aquatics Club is honored to have access to some of the finest aquatics facilities in the world and proud of the wide array of events that we are able to host each year. The success of our events as well as our overall program is dependent on our families involvement which is managed through our service hour program. Our goal in this program is to avoid asking our athletes/families from participating in "traditional" fundraising activities such as swim-a-thons, bake sales, car washes, etc. and instead host meets which our athletes and hopefully family will already be attending.

Each season we have a per-family requirement. These requirements are posted to accounts, sent out via the monthly Newsletter and posted to the website page. All MAC families are required to complete service hours and are responsible for managing their own requirements.

By setting a target number of hours by training group we are estimating the amount of help we will need to run events. Please keep in mind that although this number is the target to hit in order to opt out of the payment for hours not fulfilled, we do have a very large number of families that far exceed these hours as they understand we need help every time we organize an event and we want to recognize those folks going above and beyond!

At the end of the season a drawing will be held for any family exceeding their volunteer requirement by 20% or more.  Six names will be drawn, and winners will receive $100 in MAC bucks to be used at our team store.  

This program has evolved to allow a broad range of options to complete the required services hours, details are listed below. Note that our hope is that families will be motivated to be involved whenever we host events regardless of whether they have met their hours! We want to thank you for taking an active role in your athletes participation with MAC, if you have any questions please feel free to contact Meg (

2019/2020 Short Course Season Policy (September 1, 2019 thru March 31, 2020)

Fall/Winter long course season (9/1/2019-3/31/2020) service hours required per family (Based on athlete in highest tier):

  1. Tier 1 (NTG) - 25 hours

  2. Tier 2 (S1 & Black) - 20 hours

  3. Tier 3 (S2, Red, & 10&U) - 12 hours

  4. Tier 4 (S3, White & Novice) - 6 hours

  • Hour requirements that are not fulfilled by the end of the season will be billed at a rate of $30/hour.

  • All families are required to compete hours, regardless of participation in meets.

  • Volunteering at non-MAC hosted meets do not apply to our service hour program UNLESS we are assigned lanes to time for that meet

  • If a family joins mid-season their expected hours will be pro-rated accordingly.

  • If a family leaves mid-season, they will be responsible for a pro-rated number of hours accordingly and will be billed for any unfulfilled hours.

  • Job sign ups are to be done on-line are usually available about the time we open a meet for entries, slots will fill fast so if you do wait until the last minute you may not find anything available!

  • Be sure to sign in at the start of your volunteer shift. This is the only way we confirm hours!

  • You are responsible for managing your own service hours on your account. Be sure to use the website as a tool to help you track!

Hour Opportunities in SC 2019/2020

September 14-15th Swim-A-Palooza at Kino

November 15-17th IMX/IMR at Kino

January 18-20th DMC Dual Meet Champs Senior Meet at Kino

February 7-9th MAC/SAC/CAC TRI at Kino

Feb 27– March 1st Senior State at Skyline


There are a few occasions where MAC is asked to provide timers at away meets.  These meets include, Holiday Fest. JO’s, and Sectionals.  There will be limited opportunities at these meets to obtain volunteer hours.  You must commit to these volunteer positions on the MAC website prior to the meet.


How do I sign up to help?

When opportunities become available for MAC hosted events, they will be posted on that event's landing page on our website.  You can find them by logging into your account, going to the homepage and then finding the specific event under the “MAC Meets and Events” section.  Jobs will be listed by clicking on "Job Signup". You can then sign up online for whatever you'd like to do. You will be required to sign in at volunteer check-in at the event.  After the event your hours will be recorded based on that sign-in sheet. Allow up to one week after the event ends for hours to be added to your account. You can find your account's hour requirements and jobs worked when you log in and go to the Service Hours tab on the $My Invoices/Payments page.

What if I can't be of service at the meets?

First keep in mind that your athlete can volunteer at meets they are not competing at! As a final option, in addition to the positions needed at meets, there are a number of other ways you can help including:

- Donating gift cards either Fry's or Costco, which are used to help offset the costs involved with the meets. Gift cards are credited towards service hours at a rate of $20/hour. Gift cards can be donated any time. Please make sure that they are given to a staff person in a sealed envelope with your athlete's name, as well as with the gift card receipt.

- Helping prepare meals for hospitality prior to and/or during a meet. This involves working with one of our volunteer coordinators prior to the meet to confirm what needs to be prepared, when it needs to be delivered, etc. Service hours are given for the prep time as well as for any costs if you choose to purchase the food. If you are interested in helping prepare food for one of the events listed above, please email Meg ([email protected]).

- Help obtain a sponsor. There are opportunities for businesses to purchase a program ad, donate goods for hospitality, and other unique sponsorship opportunities! If you know of a company, restaurant, or other organization that may be interested in becoming a sponsor please email Meg (

- Other professional services. Do you have a skill, service, or other creative idea that you think may help MAC? Let us know!

Please see the information below on available volunteer positions.

Meet Volunteer Positions


- No previous experience necessary, just have a comfort talking on a microphone, must be junior high or older for most meets; the announcer works with the Meet Referee and Meet Director and is responsible for announcing each race, the swimmers in the water, and results; 1 required for each session

Head Timer

- No previous experience necessary, must be junior high or older for most meets; the head timer starts two stop watches at the start of each race to serve as backup watches in case there is a problem or malfunction in a lane during the race. They also communicate with officials regarding any replacement timer needs or problems; 1 required for each session


- No previous experience necessary, must be an adult; hospitality servers help coordinate the food set up, preparation, and serving in the hospitality room/ area/ hospitality runners assist the hospitality staff with bringing stacks, beverages, and food to coaches and officials, as well as helping to refill dispensers on deck; 4-6 required for each session

Meet Marshal

- Must take an online test and submit photo to Arizona Swimming for ID, along with $15 fee. You will be credited one hour when you email confirmation to Meg Zajdzinski that you have completed the online training & paid the fee. Click here for link:​ , must be an adult; Meet Marshals are required by USA Swimming to run a meet. They assist the officiating staff by observing the deck and surrounding areas to ensure that all safety rules are being enforced. The online training and tests are quick; Minimum of 2-4 (sometimes more) required per session.

(When you complete the online training & pay the registration fee ($15) send your confirmation to Meg Zajdzinski to be credited for the payment and one service hour)

Officials/ Official Trainees

- No previous experience necessary to shadow/ train! Must complete a series of shadowing sessions, a class, and test. (Meg can give you more info!), Must be an adult, Each swim meet needs 5-10 officials per course. We are always in need of more people to become officials.
(When you complete trainings & online tests send your confirmations and hours to [email protected] to be credited service hours)

Results Runner/ Poster

- No previous experience necessary, must be junior high or older for most meet; the results runner collects the timing sheets from the lanes after the races and delivers them to the administrative referee. They may also post results throughout the facility or deliver them to the clerk of course; 1-2 required for each session

System 5 Operator

- Must have shadowing experience with an operator, must be an adult; this person runs the timing console during competition.

System 5 Trainee

- No previous experience necessary to shadow/ train! Must be an adult or mature teenager.


- No previous experience necessary, must be junior high or older for most meets; timers operate either a button or a stopwatch during each race and record the stopwatch time on a timing sheet. Training is given prior to the start of the first race of the day, and timers enjoy the best seats in the house!  Minimum of 16 per course required each session

Clerk of Course

- Assisting with the administration of the meet, including but not limited to: athlete and coach check-ins, distributing coach information, and other paperwork.  Training can be given during a meet.  Must be an adult.


- Work our team concession stand, also can assist her by doing shopping, food prep, etc. This position is managed by our Hospitality coordinator

We want to thank all of our families for the opportunity to coach your young athletes and for your hard work and dedication in helping these kids to achieve their dreams and goals as student athletes!

To sign up as a volunteer for an upcoming meet log into your account, click "Events" at the top of the page, and find the meet.  Click "Job Signup" to see the jobs needed and simply choose the job/shift you'd like to sign up for, and then click the button with the green plus sign that says "Signup".

Mesa Aquatics Club Vision Statement: "Water is Life, Swim for Life"