MAC Senior Swim Families

Jessica Rudd
Jul 23, 2019

Letter Here

MAC Senior Swim Families; We  want to wish the swimmers at the Sectional Meet and the State Championships GREAT swims!!!

We would like to remind the Senior Swimmers that a Race Analysis sheet will be on the web site and if you film your top race we will go through a complete analysis process with you in September. This would be your first chance to try a race analysis and the learning and goal setting from this process is very valuable. 

We want to thank all the swimmers and the parents that came out Thursday and Saturday to talk with Jim at practices. The most often asked question at the meetings was about planning and practices.

We  would like to let you all know that season planning has started and we would like to share the information below. We look forward to a tremendous first season working together. 

Fall Senior Training will highlight the following:
Improving Distance Per Stroke
Introducing New Drills that will be taught and perfected all season long
Introducing new skills that will improve coordination and athleticism 

Practice Skill Emphasis by Month: These will include New Techniques and Video Work.
September – Starts
October – Freestyle and Backstroke Turns
November – Breast and Fly Turns

Items that will be included from August to November:
1. Swimming in College – The Recruiting Process: How to create your college list, how to contact your chosen schools, roles for parents and swimmers in the recruitment process, and how to communicate effectively with schools and coaches.
2. Race Analysis: How to break down your races from video. This is a HUGE advantage to athletes that will do the following – Film your race, Get your race splits (by length), record your stroke counts, record your tempos (I will show you the best ways to do this for each stroke). Every race allows an opportunity to learn and improve.
3. Understanding distance per stroke. Impacts and effects of Body position, stroke pattern, hand position, body balance on DPS.
4. Foundations of Underwater Speed. Evaluating flexibility, leg strength, kick speed, underwater techniques, breathing effectively. 

There is so much to learn and so much to teach – We look forward to seeing you at the pool to begin the process to be the best swimmer you can be!

We are really looking forward to getting to know all the swimmers and families this fall. Together we will lay a foundation for future success!

Meg and Jim