The Northern Lights Swim Club (NLSC) Booster Club is a non-profit corporation that supports NLSC (coach-owned business) and its swimmers.  Our three main functions are as follows:   

  1. Meet Support:  Hosting local, regional, state and high school swim meets by providing officials, meet coordination, necessary equipment, computer techs, hospitality – basically all facets of running a meet.
  2. Financial Support:  Raising funds to purchase and maintain equipment, run swim meets and support coaches swim travel, in and out of state. 
  3. Social Support: Hosting social functions for swimmers and their families to enhance the swim team experience.
If your child swims with NLSC, you are automatically a member of the NLSC Booster Club.  Membership is maintained through payment of a $15 annual membership fee – which in turn, your swimmer will receive our annual corporate sponsorship t-shirt.  As a member you are allowed one vote per family in all matters that come before the general membership.  We usually hold 1-2 general membership meetings per season.  A board of elected directors help oversee the mission and purpose of the Boosters.    NLSC Booster Board Members for the 2021/22 Season Directors
  • Amy Gannon, President
  • Jenni Wehrmann, Vice-President
  • Holly Willman, Treasurer
  • Caryn Faignant, Secretary
  • OPEN, Meet Director
  Member At Large Officers
  • Amanda Ruff
  • Brian Pinkston
  • Kristin Sholton
  • Michelle Hensel
  • Rebecca Romspert
  Parent Representatives
  • Sarah Murray, Bronze/Iron Group
  • Chantele Muffoletto, Bronze/Iron Group
  • Jenny Fawcett, Silver Group
  • Vanessa Kitchen, Gold Group
    Junior Athlete Representatives
  • Bentley Altman
  • Zoe Fencil
  Volunteering Swimming for the largest swim team in Alaska requires the support and dedication of its swimmers and their families.  As a non-profit organization, the NLSC Booster Club are dependent upon the parents of our swimmers working together to maintain this standard of excellence.  We have many swim meets and functions that require parent participation and, in fact, could not be run without parental assistance.  During the 2021/22 season, the NLSC Booster Club will be rolling out a new volunteer program that requires all families to volunteer 20 hours per year to help assist the team in running swim meets and activities for our swimmers.  Volunteering time, energy, ideas and resources will enhance NLSC as well as afford your swimmers an improved sporting experience.