How is Northern Lights Swim Club Structured?

Northern Lights Swim Club is a full service club, offering programs from those just learning to swim through elite competitive swimming.  Whether you are looking for a program to teach your children basic swim skill, or you are looking for a high caliber competitive program, Northern Lights Swim Club is your best choice.

Our Youth Swim Lessons offer swimmers age 4 and up the opportunity to learn their swim skills from basic water familiarization (blowing bubbles and bobs) all the way up to learning the four competitive strokes.  Our beginning groups are true "Learn to Swim" classes, while our advanced are often referred to as "Stroke School" because they have learned to swim and are now learning the competitive strokes.   Swimmers in the more advanced lesson groups may even compete in local swim meets.  For a complete breakdown of our Youth Swim Lesson skill progression, click here.

Our Competitive Team is for swimmers of all ages who know the four competitive strokes.  While competitions are optional, we do feel that they offer a great way to measure a swimmer's progress in the sport.  To promote continued growth and skill development, we have created a detailed developmental model.  Swimmers work their way through our Novice, Bronze, Silver, and Gold groups through a well thought out and specific skill progression.  For more information about our Comp Team training groups, click here.