Youth Comp Team
Anchorage & Mat-Su

Northern Lights Swim Club offers the best competitive swim program in Alaska.  To get your child involved in our program, please go over our FAQ's below, and then contact our coaching staff.  We look forward to working with your child as they progress through this fantastic sport.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to join?  The first step in joining NLSC is to contact a coach.  The coach will schedule a tryout (if needed).  After the tryout, the coach will advise you on how register with NLSC, and in which practice group your swimmer should be registered.

  • When & Where are practices?  Our Anchorage group practices at the Service High School and UAA Pools, and our Mat-Su group trains at the Palmer Pool.  For specific practice times, click here or click the "Comp Team" tab at the top of the page.

  • What are the costs?  The costs for Northern Lights Swim Club put into four categories:  Membership Initiation, Monthly Dues, annual USA Swimming Registration fee, and meet fees.

    • Membership Initiation includes a one time membership fee, a one time equipment fee, a USA Swimming registration fee, and the first month's dues.  The current breakdown for each of these fees can be seen by clicking here.

    • ​​​Monthly Dues are assessed on the 1st of each month, and due prior to the 21st of that month.  The current dues are the same as the "first moth's dues" you see when you click here.

    • The USA Swimming Registration Fee is an annual fee.  It is assessed when you first join NLSC, and again on September 1st each year.  It is a requirement that each of our members be a registered member of USA Swimming.  The current USA Swimming Registration Fee can be seen by clicking here.

    • Meet Fees are assessed for each competition in which you register your swimmer.  The fees vary, but are typically between $30-$50 per meet.  The fees are added to your monthly invoice, and are due prior to the 21st of the month in which the fees were invoiced.

    • Once your questions are answered, you can Register by Clicking Here!


Anchorage Lesson Program
From blowing bubbles to Stroke School

All of our lessons are held at the UAA and Service Pools.  We offer the best youth lessons in Anchorage, and we have a well designed Skill Progression.  We offer lessons sessions throughout the year.  To see our current and upcoming session information, including times, costs, and availability, click here or click the "Lessons" tab above.