Updated 02/03/2023

How far over/under the qualifying times is my swimmer? 

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Definitions -

  • Short Course Yards (SCY) - a 25 yards pool.  This is the course we race for a majority of the year, from September 1st through April.  We are swimming SCY if there are 25 yards between the start and turn ends.
  • Long Course Meters (LCM) - a 50 meter pool.  We swim 2-5 LCM meets a year.  At Bartlett Pool, when we move the bulkheads down to the shallow end, it leaves 50m of water between the start and turn ends.
  • Short Course Meters (SCM) - a 25 meter pool.  We rarely swim SCM, perhaps 1-2 a year at most.  When there is 25m between the start and shallow ends.