Pitchfork Aquatics, Inc

is an Arizona non-profit entity run by a Board of Directors from the local community.


Our mission is to provide the opportunity for anyone in the Valley of the Sun community to learn to swim, improve their fitness, or compete at the highest level through our aquatics programs and multi-sport clubs in a safe, fun, and challenging environment.


Be Safe!  Phoenix has one of the highest drowning rates in the nation and we want to offer a solution to that problem.  We have partnered with Hubbard Family Swim School who is committed to provide a learn to swim program for kids of all ages, backgrounds, and economic status.  They offer a low stress and fun learning environment, multiple entry levels, flexible hours, and easy payment schedules to accommodate your budget and busy life.  

Get Fit!  The Pitchfork Aquatics Swim Club offers a developmental and competitive swimming program at the local, regional, and national level.  We have also partnered with the Sun Devil Divers Club, ASU Student Triathlon Club, and Swim Devil Masters to offer multi level competitive aquatics programs for elementary, middle and high school children as well as college/post graduate and masters athletes.

Improve Performance!  Our Swim Club programs have experienced coaches and instructors that represent the best that have taught, coached and competed at the National and Olympic level.  We utilize proven curriculum that produces results at all levels.  Whether you are 6 years or 86 years old, our comprehensive swimming, diving, and aquatics programs and clubs are tailored for you and your family.

Be Safe. Get Fit. Improve Performance.
Have Fun.

Join the Pitchfork Aquatics family today!


For more information, please call 602-899-7665 (POOL)
Visit us at www.pitchforkaquatics.org
Facebook – www.facebook.com/pitchforkaquatics