Pitchfork Aquatics is intent on providing a safe and healthy environment for our swimmers


All USA swimming clubs and club members are required to review and accept the Minor Athlete Abuse Provention Policy (MAAPP).  More detailed information can be found at   https://www.usaswimming.org/safe-sport


Families must simply familiarize themselves with the policies and help to not place any adult or minor USA Swimming MEMBERS in a compromising situation during training, swim meets, or travel.  MEMBERS are anyone that has paid the USA Swimming yearly registration fee and met the attendant requirements (swimmers, coaches, meet officials, club officials).  Note that these policies also apply to adult USA Swimming MEMBERS as far as their interaction with Minor USA Swimming MEMBERS.  


Please sign in to your account and commit "yes" on the event titled "Minor Athlete Abuse Provention Policy(MAAPP)", then click on the MAAPP event and review the document (FORK MAAPP 2.0) that provides this policy for our swim team - and discuss it to the appropriate level with your swimmer(s).  Then download, sign and return the acknowledgement form via email to [email protected]  Please do not give it to the coaches on deck.


ALL families MUST commit yes and provide a signed agreement to continue swimming with Pitchfork Aquatics and USA Swimming. 

The committment must be renewed yearly.