Junior 3 (ages ~11-14): Competition Team 

Formerly “Platinum”


  • 8x 50 Freestyle @1:00 
  • 4x 100 I.M. @2:00 
  • 5x 100 Freestyle @2:00 
  • 1x 500 Freestyle @10:00  


  • Have fun swimming and learn to promote team values during practice, competition, and in daily life  
  • Take personal responsibility for completing stretching, warm up, and warm down 
  • Work on personal goal-setting with the coach  
  • Nutritional awareness 
  • Refine starts, turns, and finishes technique 
  • Refine stroke technique and build speed and endurance through drill and interval-based training 
  • Begin to train in specialty stroke and events
  • Understand and demonstrate the ability to swim a 200 Specialty Stroke with negative splits 
  • Participate in dryland training targeted at improving in-water performance 
  • Continue to compete and achieve best times 
  • Achieve at least one A time in Specialty and Freestyle events 
  • Swim in Regionals with the goal of attending State Championships 


  • Follow the Athlete Code of Conduct 
  • Have a positive attitude 
  • Be on time to practice 
  • Do not rely on parents to communicate with coach for them 
  • Understand nutritional management  
  • No drugs, tobacco, or alcohol consumption 
  • Come to practice and meets prepared to succeed: that means following uniform requirements and bringing required gear 
  • Attend 4-5 practices per week and a minimum of three meets between August and March and a minimum of four meets between April and July; athletes who do not attend all required practices may be barred from competing in any or all swim meets
  • Attend all required team meetings 
  • Act as a role model to Athletes in the Junior 1 and 2 groups, Group 2, and Group 1, modeling good behavior and work ethic and providing support by cheering at swim meets 
  • Come to practice to work hard and have fun: a positive mindset—no matter the challenges Coach presents you with—will go a long way to improvement 
  • Be open to trying new techniques and drills 
  • Come to swim meets ready to work hard and compete: if you qualify for finals you must swim in the finals  
  • Follow and promote team values and act with kindness and respect to all participants 
  • Participate in and contribute to team fundraising and volunteer opportunities 
  • Complete athlete SafeSport training