Tucson J Stingrays Swim Team Parent Code of Conduct 

The purpose of a code of conduct for parents is to establish consistent expectations for behavior by parents. All people participating in association with the Tucson J Stingrays Swim Team, including parents, are responsible for upholding the team’s values at swim meets, practices, gatherings, and anytime they wear team gear. Additionally, the Stingrays encourage all parents and guardians to strive for greatness as parents. This includes providing positive support for your children and not acting as a coach, being a positive influence and cheerleader at all times, watching them compete, bringing them to practice on time, feeding them appropriately, and being attentive to their overall wellbeing. Parents with concerns about their swimmer should contact the coaching staff in private. Parents should abide by the team policies and the USA Swimming Code of Conduct at all times.  


For health and safety reasons, I agree to abide by the following rules: 

  • Swimmers under driving age will not be allowed to leave practice early without my prior notification via email to the swimmer’s coach. 

  • I will supervise non-swimming siblings during my swimmer’s practice to ensure compliance with rules at the pool. I will also supervise non-swimming children if they attend any USA Swimming-sanctioned activity. 

  • I will regularly remind my swimmers of the Tucson J rules and policies and general pool rules at swim meets or other facilities.  

  • I will inform the coach of other activities my child participates in that involves rigorous physical activity, especially any other swimming-related or weight training activity. This rule is in place to prevent injury, exhaustion, and illness. 

  • I will pick my swimmer up promptly after practice. I understand my child must be supervised at all times outside of practice, including before practice and while waiting for rides.  


As a parent/guardian, I understand the important growth and developmental support that my child’s participation fosters. I also understand that it is essential to provide the coaching staff with respect and the authority to coach the team. I agree with the following statements: 

  • I will set the right example for our children by demonstrating sportsmanship and showing respect and common courtesy at all times to the team members, coaches, competitors, officials, parents, and all facilities. 

  • I will get involved by volunteering, participating in fundraising, observing practices, cheering at meets, and talking with my child and their coach about their progress. 

  • I will get involved by communicating with my swimmer’s coach either after practice, via email, or during a scheduled meeting. I will refrain from communicating with coaches during practice.  

  • I will support my swimmer in attending practice regularly. 

  • I will refrain from coaching my child or other teammates at practices or meets (from the stands or any other area), and I will refrain from interfering with coaches on the pool deck. Swimming concerns should be positively communicated to the coaching staff.  

  • I will not address my swimmer or interrupt during practice unless for an emergency or immediate safety concern. This behavior is disruptive to the entire group. During practice, I will wait a minimum of FIFTEEN feet from the pool edge and may observe practice from there.  

  • I understand that criticizing, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed toward coaches, officials, volunteers, and/or any participating swimmer will not be tolerated. 

  • I will respect the integrity of the officials. 

  • I will direct my concerns first to Head Coach Marika Hodge; then, if not satisfied, to the appropriate supervisor.  


I understand the above expectations and that my failure to adhere to them may result in disciplinary action. 


[Parent Signatures are required to be kept on file with the Team.]