Volunteer Policy  

Parent Expectations—Volunteer Requirements  

The TJCC Stingrays is a community, and we are made up of more than just our swimmers and coaches. All parents are also participants on the team: we rely on the parents to support their swimmers and model good sportsmanship and team values. As such, all parents are required to participate to some extent with the team, be that through education, volunteering at swim meets, or assisting in fundraising. Parents will earn points for each volunteer activity or contribution, and must earn a certain number of points to remain in good standing for the year. The swimming year runs from mid-August through July. There are a variety of ways to earn points.  


Deadline - All points must be earned by July 31. The cost for not meeting the requirement is $10 per point not earned. For each point not met, your account will be charged $10 on August 1.  


Tracking – All volunteering will be tracked through your TeamUnify account. To check your volunteer hours: 

  • Log into Team Unify.  

  • Choose "My Account" located on the left side of the screen. 

  • Choose "$ My Invoice/Payment" under "My Account." 

  • Choose "Service Hours" near the top-middle of the screen. 

  • If you can't see the total points worked, scroll to the right. 

If you have any questions about hours tracked, please notify the Head Coach. 


General requirement - Because of the late rollout of the policy for the 2021-2022 season, the volunteer point requirements for year-round families are halved.

  • For nuclear-family households, a minimum of 20 (2022 only: 10) points is required, 4 of which must be earned during the SAAA season.  

  • For single-parent households, a minimum of 10 (2022 only: 5) points is required, 2 of which must be earned during the SAAA season. 

  • For families who only participate in SAAA, a minimum of 10 points is required. 

  • For single-parent households who only participate in SAAA, a minimum of 5 points is required.  


How to Earn Points Other volunteer opportunities may arise and be announced by the coaching staff

  • Education 

  • Completing Athlete Protection (SafeSport training): 8 points (per parent or guardian who completes the course) 

  • Attending other Safe Sport training: 5 points per hour attended 

  • Speaking/ presenting at a Team Meeting (Gold, Platinum, Senior groups): 2 points 

  • Participation at Swim Meets 

  • Timing: 4 points per shift 

  • Official: 10 points per meet 

  • Parent observer (ensure athletes are on deck, etc.): 3 points per meet session 

  • Bringing snacks, food, or water for athletes: 3 points per meet session 

  • Participation in other Team activities 

  • Banquet planning committee: 10 points 

  • Holiday-party planning committee: 10 points 

  • Fundraising and Giving 

  • Fundraiser-planning committee member: 10 points  

  • Help obtain a sponsor: 10 points 

  • A monetary contribution to the Stingrays of $10: 1 point