Registration for a Dive Meet

All dive competition registration is prepared by the diver or parent on-line. No diver should register for a diving meet without prior approval from your group coach.  A coach is required to be on deck with US Diving club members.  When a diver wants to compete in a meet that our coaches are not able to attend, we make arrangements with other certified US Diving coaches to take responsibility for that diver on deck.

Each competition has its own entry fee based on the number of events the diver will be competing. To enter most meets, divers must go to or CleanEntries - The Best Online Diving Meet Registrations Anywhere and register their dives and pay their entry. If your child does not know their dives for competition, ask the coach on deck.  Coaches will know what dives that your child must perform at each competition.

If your diver hasn’t already obtained a DiveMeets or cleanentries ID #, you will first need to register your diver.  This ID number is different than their USA diving ID or AAU ID.

The user registration information is for the diver, not the parent.  You’ll need to enter in the diver’s information, and select a password.  At the bottom, you’ll check the YMCA and the USA diving association!  After clicking “register” at the bottom, you’ll be able to register for an upcoming dive meet.

Once registered, go to the home page of or, you’ll click on Login.  Enter in your dive meets ID number, and password.  The user ID number will not change, and will follow the diver throughout their many years of diving.