"To Develop Champions in Life through Excellence in Swimming" YMCA Westside Silver Fins subscribe to a philosophy of teaching and training that provides for maximum long-term performances for its swimmers both in and out of the pool. We are divided into eight (8) different groups based on a variety of factors that include age, ability, maturity, performance and attitude. The center of our coaching philosophy resides with the building of a foundation of strong technique and a love for racing through a strong aerobic base. Leadership and accountability are two essential "life skills" we strive to develop in our athletes. As swimmers progress through the programs they will be given more responsibility for their swims and performances. Our athletes learn self-discipline, time management, sportsmanship and goal setting - important lessons that will ultimately will prepare them for life after swimming.


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2022 Summer Schedule

2022 Summer Practice Schedule

By Kevin Chester

Challenge Kick Set Results

Early in the season, it is important to do a lot of kicking. In order to emphasize this, we came up with a challenge...

By Kevin Chester

2022 Family Participation Points

2022 Family Participation Points

By Kevin Chester

Long Course Meet Schedule

2022 Long Course Meet Schedule

By Kevin Chester




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