EST. 1969

1. Members of the Competitive and Improve Your Stroke Programs are required to pay all Club fees at the beginning of the swimming year (September) or at the beginning of each swim term.

2. All Club members are expected to attend all scheduled workouts.

3. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to ensure their child’s participation in all Club activities and events.

4. As a safety precaution parents are recommended to advise of transportation arrangements for their children.

5. Parents/Guardians are asked to advise of member non-attendance in advance.

6. Visitors will not be allowed in the pool facility during workout hours.

7. Parents, member relatives and guardians are not permitted on the pool deck and must remain in the bleachers during workouts.

8. Parents/Guardians wishing to discuss Club related matters are advised to do so after workouts and not during workout sessions. Parents are encouraged to make use of the scheduled Parent/Coaches conference hours.

9. All members of the Club agree to abide by all of The Dolphin Swimming Club Byelaws and Rules and Regulations as promulgated from time to time by The Dolphin Swimming Club Executive Council.

10. All members of the Club registered with the Bahamas Aquatics (BA) agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations promulgated by the BSF.