Level 2

Swim South Bay Lessons

I'm a lifelong swimmer, mother of two teenage boys, founder of the program, budding macrame artist and host of her own daily cooking show (@coronafreePE on instagram.) I work with swimmers of all ages and looks forward to meeting your water lovers!

I swam for the team for just under ten years, and I have been coaching the Blue group at Swim South Bay for almost three years now. I'm studying English at San Jose State University and have finished my third year. I also really enjoy baking and have recently tried more recipes. I am excited for socially distanced swim lessons until pools can safely open, and I can't wait to get coaching again! I am available to working with experienced swim team swimmers only (blue group and above.)

I'm a seasoned swim instructor and Head Race Team coach at Swim South Bay with over 12 years of experience teaching both in and out of the water. I'm incredibly passionate about helping swimmers achieve their goals in the water whether it is improve upon strokes, turns, or racing to even becoming more comfortable and confident in the water. Swimming is an amazing sport and I'm excited to get to help all swimmers achieve their goals in the water one step at a time!