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Swim South Bay Lessons


We are so excited to be teaching your swimmer!  As always, our staff is dedicated to making sure that your swimmer has a fruitful, positive and fun experience learning to swim with us.

About Swim South Bay lessons: Our aquatics staff emphasizes individual and team growth with professional guidance that stresses a thorough knowledge of the sport, a healthy lifestyle and spirit of sportsmanship. You can entrust your children to our coaching staff for we provide them with a safe and nurturing environment.  We seek to provide an opportunity for all water lovers, regardless of age and ability, to reach their highest personal potential as both a person and athlete.  Our staff is committed to helping your children grow in character, physical development and skill.  Most importantly, we hope your water lovers will have fun!

Who can join lessons: Our lessons at Branham are open to swimmers who are swim team ready or on the brink of joining the team. Afternoons at Willow Glen Middle School, mornings at Willow Woods, Mobile and Endless Pool lessons are for all level of water lovers from babies to adults.

Where are the Lessons: Branham HS is located at 1570 Branham Lane. Classes at the Endless Pool will be held at 1583 Phantom Avenue. Mobile lessons are held at YOUR home. Willow Glen Middle School's pool is located between the high school and middle school (the street that runs through the center of campus is how you will access the pool. The facility is visible from the street.) Willow Woods is at the private club on Wawona.

Teaching Philosophy: Our private lessons cater to the exact needs and goals of your swimmer, including but not limited to the following: water safety, stroke technique and refinement, and racing strategies. Our instructors are all former and/or current swimmers themselves and are knowledgeable and up-to-date on successful teaching methods. They are all passionate and excited about sharing their love of the water with others.

Families will have 3 options for their May-July lessons:

* Coach in face shield working with the swimmer from in the pool

* Independent swimmer in the pool, coach in a mask working with them from the deck

* Beginning swimmer in the pool with a parent, coach in mask working with them from the deck


The registration process is simple for both new and returning families. You’ll get access to your own private account to view/edit your contact information and current and past class histories. To Register:

  1. Select the Location from the pull-down above
  2. Select/click on the desired Program below [Blue bar(s) below]
  3. Select the Sub-Program tab.
  4. Select the Class
  5. Click on the Red Class Cost/Days/Times to pick the day and time
  6. Click on the red Register Button