Level 2

Here's a list of where all our former BAY swimmers are now attending college. We hate to see them leave, but we are so proud of who they are becoming and what they are accomplishing in life! 



Name University Graduation Major (Subject to Change)
Megan Huber American University 2014 Political Science
Michael Mederios University of San Francisco 2015 Accounting
Emi Nagashima Washington University in St. Louis 2015 Chemical Engineering
Sean Reed Chapman University 2015 Creative Writing
Sam Douglas Gonzaga University 2016 English
Matt Godar Santa Clara Univeristy 2016 Biology
Jamyson Tritch Gonzaga University 2016 Human Resources
Adam Wilson Gonzaga University 2016 Economics
Joey Andrews Indiana Univeristy 2017 Business Management
Kayla Ferron Colorado State University 2017 Zoology
Jenny Goodlin Chapman University 2017 Biology
Emma Harris Washington State University 2017 Marketing
Allison Larko University of Michigan 2017 Communications & Environmental Studies
Emma Roth UC San Diego 2017 Computer Science
Luke Self Loyola University Chicago 2017 Biochemistry
Maddie Van Hoorickx University of Redlands 2017 International Business
Lindsay Allen UCLA 2018 Computer Science
Kate Blach Santa Clara Univeristy 2018 Economics
Mackenzie Kirk Bryant University 2018 Psychology
Annika Miller Cal-Poly SLO 2018 Graphic Communications
Mimi McNamara UC Davis 2018 Environmental Science and Management
Sarah Miyahara Loyola University Chicago 2018 International Business
Sela Obot Southern Methodist University 2018 Accounting
Mark Yuvienco Willamette University 2018 Exercise Science
Emma Malysz USC 2019 Computer Science and Business Administration
Kelly Enriquez Marquette University 2019 Psychology & Spanish
Patty Maurantonio University of Nevada-Reno 2020 Pre-Nursing
August Bergh Lewis & Clark University 2020 Physics
Erin Lynch Cornell University 2020 Undecided
Emily Milburn Georgia Tech University 2020 Chemical Engineering
Corey Obot Southern Methodist University 2020 Journalism and Political Science
Audrey Berner Worchester Polytechnic Institute 2021 Chemical Engineering
Samantha Denny San Jose State 2021 English (Creative Writing)
Abby Harris St. Louis University 2021 Aerospace Engineering
Andrew Imobersteg Cal Poly 2021 Biology
Carleen Markey Purdue University 2021 Physics
Jack McNamara University of Denver 2021 Chemistry & Kinesiology
Ryan McNamara University of San Francisco 2021 Physics
Carson Myers University of Notre Dame 2021 Business
Michael Sager United States Naval Academy 2021 Economics
Alexander Tarasov Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 2021 Mechanical Engineering
Molly Teresi Bucknell University 2021 Undecided
Isabel Velez University of Portland 2021 Communications
Danielle Emile San Francisco State University 2022  
Isabel Mohammadi-Hall Bates College 2022  
Kristen Lynch UCSB 2022  
Megan Milburn Cal-Poly SLO 2022  
Michael Brannan Arizona State University 2022  
Riley Ryan UCLA 2022  
Audrey Nashner UCLA 2023  
Gabe Iorgulescu Loyola University Chicago 2023  
Isabelle McKenzie Cal-Poly SLO 2023  
Julie Mesita Hamline University 2023  
Laura Powers Cal 2023  
Maddy Thompson Northern Arizona University 2023  
Rilie Krieg University of the Pacific 2023