**Group Placement is ultimately based on skill level

NOVICE (8 and under) - Emphasis on stroke development. All 4 competitive strokes introduced, with a focus on freestyle and back stroke. Introduction to turns and starts. Two 30-minute sessions/week.

BRONZE (9-11 years) - Continued focus on freestyle and backstroke, with increased work on breaststroke and butterfly (concentrating on kick and timing). Starts on blocks, and faster turns. Two 60-minute sessions/week.

SILVER (10-14 years) - Focus on proper stroke mechanics for the 4 competitive strokes, increasing speed. Introduction to racing strategies and training to increase fitness.  Two-Three 60-minute sessions per week.

GOLD (11-15 years) - Increased ability through continued use of proper stroke mechanics and increased focus on refining starts and turns Training for fitness and competition.

JUNIOR (14-16 years) - Swimmers are learning to develop and perfect stroke technique and try to attain best performances.  Up to six sessions/week.

SENIOR (16 and up) - Competitive. Swimmers are committed to trying to achieve their best performances at provincial and national level. Up to eight sessions/week.

MASTERS - Adult swimmers and triathletes who wish to improve swimming technique and fitness.