Delta Sungod Long Distance meet

Anchie Xu
By Kyle Cheng
On Dec 1st, our club attended the Delta Sungod Distance meet. It was our first ever distance meet as a club. We had 38 swimmers who represented our club. These swimmers swam either 400, 800, or 1500m freestyle. For a lot of our swimmers it was their first time swimming such a large distance. But they did very well with 19 swimmers achieving top 8 in their age category and four placing top 3 in their age category. Good job everyone!
Highlights of the meet:
Congratulations to...  
Kieu-Vy Nguyen for 3rd place in 11 & under 400 Free with a time of 5:48.27
Bryan Startup for 3rd place in 14 & over 800 Free with a time of 9:33.03
Jennifer Xu for 3rd place in 14 & over 800 Free with a time of 10:53.79
Alex Tam for 1st place in 14 & over 1500 Free with a time of 19:23.06
New Age Group/Provincial Qualifications:
Kieu-Vy Nguyen - 400 Free
Helen Shen - 400 Free
Bryan Startup - 800 Free
Melissa Zeng - 400 Free

More photos: