New temporary restriction order updates

Anchie Xu

On November 7th, the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry issued new temporary restriction orders for the lower mainland. These new orders are in effect from November 7th at 10:00pm to November 23rd at 12:00pm.  

Below is the link to the orders for your reference.

While the order does include restricting “ inside group physical activities” such as hockey, swimming at this time is not included as we ARE able to maintain physical distancing, we are abiding by the restricted number of swimmers per lane and we continue to ensure our safe return to swim plan is adhered to.

Pools remain open and we continue to monitor for further direction as needed by Swim BC and the Provincial Health Office. The Gators Swim Club Board in collaboration with our Coaches will remain vigilant and will continue to communicate with you on any updates received.

The Gators Board