Anchie Xu

On December 17-19, 2021, 15 swimmers from the Elite group attended the Richmond Rapids FAST MEET at Watermannia. There were near 650 swimmers from 23 swim teams who participated in this meet. It was the last swim meet in 2021, and our swimmers did a fantastic job. We have 5 new provincial qualified events, 4 new Divisional qualified events and 45 personal best times! Way to go, Gators!

Highlights of the FAST MEET:

4th Place:  Bryan Startup 800 Free;Kohen Lee 50Free

5th Place: Helen Shen 50 Breast

6th Place:  Kaylee Hoang 200back; Melissa Zeng 50Fly; Kohen Lee 50 Back

7th Place: Nathalie Ng 100Breast, 200 Breast; Kohen Lee 200Breast

8th Place:  Nathalie Ng 50Back, 200 Back


New Provincial events:

Terrance Wen 50 Breast

Jonathan Xiong 50Fly, 50 Free

Helen Shen 50 Breast

Kohen Lee 50 Free


New Divisional events:

Eugene Park 50 Fly

Kieu-vy Nguyen 100Free

Sephora Lee 200 Free

Ryan Wang 100Free


More photos: