Season Start Information

Head Coach Anchie

Welcome to all Gators returning and new members to the Season of 2022-2023! 

We are very excited to start the new season and are thankful for your continued trust and support. 

The start date of the new season is on September 6, Tuesday. 

Before the season begins, please be aware of the information we have included below.



Developmental groups aim to learn swimming skills, learn four strokes, and build confidence in the water for 6-12 years old kids. Groups participate in monthly mini-meets and Gator Time trials. Mini-meets and Time trials are free for the swimmers.

Pre-competitive groups are improving techniques, learning to train and introducing the Regional swim meets to the LMR qualifiers. Groups participate in monthly mini-meets, Gators Time trials and 2-3 Development meets in the season. The Development meet fees are about $20-30.

Competitive groups, proving the athletes' team bond and teamwork experience, balancing and enhancing all the skills through the practices, encourage the athletes for more serious training and higher-level competitions. Groups attend LMR meets each month, and Divisional champs if qualified. The meet fees depend on the host clubs.

High competitive groups, which are high-performance groups, emphasize long-term athletic development and strive to provide the athletes opportunity to pursue athletic success. Groups attend LMR meets, invitational meets, Divisional champs, Provincial champs or westerns if qualified.

For more details on the progress of our program, please click here to view the new season group structure.

Coaches may promote the swimmers to up-level groups based on their performance. The swimmer's group and training fee will be changed after parents or guardians' confirmation.



Information will regularly be emailed to each family and may also be posted on the club website. If you would like multiple emails to receive our information, please log in to your TeamUnify (TU) account - my account, and add your email address to the "Alternate Email".

Our club primarily uses TeamUnify to carry out its daily functions. Members can access your TU account, events, news, jobs signup etc. For quick and easy access, you can download the mobile app "OnDeck" by using the same TU login info.



Please click the links below for the updated training schedule.

The schedule may be changed or cancelled due to holidays and events. The practice changes will be notified to the email you registered for your TU account.

All Vancouver swimming pools have scheduled four weeks of annual maintenance during the season. As a result, our training schedule will be modified, and the information will be sent before the maintenance.

Please note: We won't be able to provide any make-up practices if your swimmers miss their group practices or have schedule conflicts.



The monthly billing is set on the first day of each month. The payment will be charged to the Credit card you authorized and stored on TU. Members are obliged to keep their accounts in good standing with the club. If payment is not received, a $10 late fee will be charged, and swimmers will not be able to attend practice until payment is received. In addition, recurring payment issues will lead the membership to be reviewed by the board.

Click here for the Fee Structure.



You will receive a notification if the swim meets or events are coming. To sign up your swimmers for the event or the swim meet, you have to log in to your TU account and click "Yes, attend". Then, the coaches will assign the events for your swimmers.

Swim Meet entry fees will be posted in the meet information package on the TeamUnify event. The swim meet fees will be charged to members' accounts on the next month's billing.

These fees are non-refundable after the posted "scratch deadline" unless the members have a medical reason and provide a doctor's note before the meet.


VOLUNTEER SERVICE HOUR OBLIGATIONS (formerly Parent Participation Points or PPP)

We are a non-profit organization that is solely operated by parent volunteers. This system encourages parents to contribute their time and effort for a more vibrant and healthier Club. This system also ensures that the Club has enough volunteers for the Club's daily operations, the swim meets, and other events.  It also helps Gators to reciprocate other clubs’ help in running its meets.

To make things easier for you, the club will be switching from using the manual PPP form to an this system to record and get approved your volunteer or service hours.

  • Service Hour Obligations (to be completed)



If a swimmer intends to withdraw from the club, 30 days written notice must be given in writing to the Registrar. It is expected that any written notice will be given before the 1st of the month and will expire at the end of that month (e.g. a notice given on the 1st of October will expire at the end of October, and any refunds of monthly fees will affect November and not October)

Missed practices: family vacations do not qualify for a refund unless they are considered a withdrawal from the club. 

Note: If you do withdraw your child from the club, their place in the club cannot be held and may be filled by another swimmer

The Swim BC fee, club membership fee, and first-month training fee are non-refundable.

Click here for more club policies.



Please get in touch with the swimmer's lead coach for swimming-related issues (including training, progress, performance, swim meets, and group placement).

GROUP            LEAD COACH  EMAIL                    
Elite A/B Anchie Xu [email protected]
Senior, Gecko A/B, Salamander A/B Daniel Camacho [email protected]
Age Agatha Leung [email protected]
Junior, Gold, Alligator Octavian Riyanto [email protected]
Silver, Crocodile A Leo Zhi [email protected]
Bronze, Crocodile B Victoria Li [email protected]
Crocodile C, Gecko C Anchie Xu/ Alex Wen [email protected]


Registration, billing, withdrawal Registrar Charles Goleco [email protected]
PPP deposit, volunteer jobs Volunteer Director Patrick Lim [email protected]
Official opportunities and official trainings Official Director Patrick Lim

[email protected]

Equipment, Team gears Equipment manager [email protected]
Programs and general inquires Head coach Anchie Xu [email protected]


We are offering team backpacks, parkas and swimsuits this season. Members have to place orders through Team Aquatic Suppliers directly in a certain period. More information will be provided when they are ready to take orders.

The Shark Club Card found below can be used to receive 15% off for any other equipment. Discount Code: GAT050


We are happy to have you as a part of our Gators family. We are looking forward to a great new season! Have fun in the upcoming season!