February and March Schedule change notes

Head Coach Anchie

February Schedule change note:

  • February 12, Sunday, Junior, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Alligator, Crocodile A/B/C, Gecko A/B/C, and Salamander A/B are attending Mid-season Time Trial at Templeton from 7:45 to 11:00 am. Event signup required.
  • Senior, Age’s practice on February 12, Sunday at Templeton is cancelled.
  • Senior, Age have an extra practice on February 11, Saturday from 6:45-8:45pm at Renfrew pool.
  • Elite A/B are attending the Winter Divisional Championships on February 17-19, 2023. Elite has no practice on February 17,18 and 19.
  • Age group have practice on February 18, Saturday 5:45-8:00am at Templeton pool.
  • February 20, Monday is Family Day. No practice for all groups.
  • Templeton pool has annual maintenance from February 20 to March 19, 2023. Templeton practices will be rescheduled for Age, Senior and Junior. The temporary schedule click here.

March Schedule Change note:

  • March 11&12, Elite, Senior, Age and Junior are attending Chena/Gators LMR. Elite, Senior, Age and Junior’s practice on those days are cancelled.
  • Spring break on March 20-26. No practice for all groups.