Our swim club is offering multiple groups in various levels to meet the swimmers’ needs. The levels are from the developmental groups to the high competitive groups.

Winter Program (September to June)

Developmental groups: Aims to learn basic swimming skills, learn four strokes, and build confidence in water for the young swimmers.

Entry requirements: completion of Swim Kids 4 or able to swim 25 meter without stop; confident in deep water without assist.

Competitive groups: Emphasizes on improving the team bonding and through team-building experience, while enhancing their swimming skills through the practices; prepares the athletes for a higher level of training and competitions. 

Entry requirements: LMR qualifiers

High competitive: focus on high performance at swim meets, representing our club at the highest level of competition. This group builds on their long-term athletic development and strive to provide the athletes with the opportunity to pursue athletic success.  

Entry requirements: Provincial/National qualifiers; Approved by Head Coach

Check the Group Structure for details.


2021 Summer Programs (July to August)

Due to the COVID-19 situation, summer programs are to be announced.

  • Maintenance Camps (Competitve groups)
  • Summer Clinic (Developmental groups)

Click here for 2021 summer program registration.