Swimmer of the Month


Each month, coaches will select one swimmer from each group as the swimmer of the Month. The coaches will determine the award by the criteria below:

-      Attitude 

    Positive attitude towards training and learning.

-      Dedication and Effort 

    Demonstrates a consistent, dedicated, hard-work ethic both in and out of the pool.

-      Attendance

    Attends as many practices as schedule planned.

-      Performance and Improvements 

    Applies the skills and technique acquired/developed during the practices and swim meets/Time Trials.

    Technique, skills and time results improvements.


Go Gators Go!


Swimmer of the Month - January

Elite - Nathalie Ng

Age - Kohen Lee

Youth - Tiana Lee

Gold - Kingsley Wong

Alligator - Sino Farid (Yassin)

Gecko/Salamander - Grace Ho


Swimmer of the Month - February

Elite - Bryan Startup

Age - Kieu-vy Nguyen

Youth - Jayden Du

Gold - Sophie Chan

Alligator - Kessem Keidar

Gecko/Salamander - Ai Ofreneo


Swimmer of the month - March

Elite - Jonathan Xiong

Age - Aaron Lim

Youth - Zaidel Rabut

Gold - Ryan Man

Alligator - Sameer Sharma

Gecko/Salamander - Jordan Lam


Swimmer of the month - April

Elite - Terrance Wen

Age - Helen Shen

Youth - Markus Chong

Gold - Frances Goleco 

Alligator - Daniel Kaverin

Gecko/Salamander - Andrew Wong



Swimmer of the month - May

Elite - Kaylee Hoang

Age - Uma Sukkau

Youth - Jayden Chung

Gold - Nathan Lee

Alligator - Isla Malesku

Gecko/Salamander - Lorenzo Ronque