Registering a Sibling of Current swimmer

Similar to all new swimmers, siblings of currently active swimmers must also be assessed by our coach before they can register. Follow these steps: 

Step 1: Complete an assessment

Siblings of current swimmer must be assessed prior to registration. Assessments are held on the third Wednesday of the month between 5 - 7pm at Vancouver Aquatic Centre. During the assessment, our coach will be assessing the swimmer's current ability in the water.


After your child has been assessed, our registrar will contact you through email and inform you the group your child qualifies for.


Sign up for an assessment through this link:


At this time, all swimmers must be able to swim at least 25m unassisted (SK4 or higher). 

Step 2: Register Online (Siblings) 

1.  On the Home page, click 2022-2023 Registration

2.  Read the registration instructions. 

3.  Click Continue or Check status 

4.  Log in to your account. 

5.  Review and confirm that your contact info and parent/guardian info are correct, and then click Continue. 

6.  Click Add member to add new swimmers (members). 

7.  Middle Name: If your child does not have a Middle Name, simply enter an asterisk *. 

8.  In the Register for this Group drop-down, select the swim group that your child was assigned to during assessment. 

9.  Read the waivers and agree to them. 

10. Click Continue. 

11. Please confirm the account information. 

12. Click Submit Registration 

Step 3: Complete and Sign the Swimming Canada Form 

After completing the Gators registration, parents will receive an email from [email protected] to confirm their Swimming Canada account information.  Parents have to follow the instructions in the email to confirm the necessary contact information and demographic questions. Parents will be required to sign the Swimming Canada Acknowledgement of Risk form electronically. Swimmer registration & insurance will not be valid until this form is signed. 

Instructions on signing the form after receiving the email can be found here.


A hard copy of our Gators Participation Form will need to be submitted to the coach on the first practice. You can find the form here.