Terrace Blueback Swim Club

January 2020 swimmers of the month

Nic Sunderland-Baker
Lets recognize four Bluebacks, two from the senior groups (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and two from the junior groups (Red and Blue), as the first Swimmers of the Month of the 2019/2020 season. For the month of January, the senior swimmers are Erin Billson and Warn Hesse, and the junior swimmers are Amy Campbell and Nevaeh Alaggia-Mumford.
No goody-goodies, our swimmers of the month were chosen because they swim fast and take their training seriously. Amy, Nevaeh, Erin and Warn's talent and attitudes benefit the other members of their training groups.
Erin has made a habit of coming on deck on time and doing the dry activation before swimming. She stays focused through her practices and leads the Gold group by example. Erin's attendance, good practice habits and hard training helped her get a large (37-second) best time in her 200 free at the Kitimat meet in May. She also won the 400 free. I look forward to seeing Erin achieve more best times and do more tough events like the 400 free at our upcoming meets.
Warn walks on deck for practice and immediately sets up the backstroke flags. During practice, Warn leads his lane and makes sure that he and everyone in his lane understands each set before starting it. Warn's speed and leadership benefit everyone in the Bronze group. Warn has recently challenged the Silver swimmers in pace sets. I'm excited to see how fast he will get this season.
Neveah activates and gets in the water on time and works hard throughout each of her practices. Neveah has been leading her lane more and more often, and since she is fast enough, I hope she makes it a habit. Neveah can do every skill in the sport now, including butterfly, which she did a 50 of for her medley relay team at the meet in Kitimat meet. She also achieved a best time and placed third in her individual 50m butterfly. Nevaeh's strength is her freestyle, however, which she swam a 200 of at the Prince George meet, achieving a best time. I look forward to seeing Nevaeh continue to improve all four of her strokes and get more and more best times and top-three finishes at her meets.
Amy Campbell is the fastest red group freestyler. Amy leads her lane every day and has now learned all four strokes including butterfly. I look forward to seeing Amy learn more skills like underwater streamlines and turns and use these skills at the season's remaining meets.