Terrace Blueback Swim Club

Prince Rupert Invitational meet results!

Nic Sunderland-Baker

Twenty-five Bluebacks raced in Prince Rupert last weekend at the North Coast Invitational swim meet, the first official meet in the region since April 2020. The team placed second behind Prince Rupert and ahead of the Kitimat Marlins in total scores.

Several of our swimmers won aggregate medals for placing between first and third in one or more events in their age-category and many more placed well in their races and improved their best times.

Thomas Sambo won the Gold medal for his age division, 10-and-under, by winning the 50 and 100m backstroke, the 100m freestyle and the 50m breaststroke, and placing second in the 100m kick (a special event at this meet) and third in the 50m freestyle. Thomas also improved his 100 freestyle time by 9 seconds, using newly-learned flip turns to his advantage. Well done Thomas!

In the same division, and at his first swim meet, Quinn Levesque won the Silver medal. Quinn won the 25 free, the 25 back and the 50 free and placed second in the 50 back and 100 free, showing a real racing talent.

Merik Hogg-Perry raced in his first meet in this division, placing third in the 25 free, 100 kick and 100 back. Seamus McMurray, in the same division, improved his 50 free time by 17 seconds!

In the female 10-and-under division, Meredith Acal placed third in the 100 kick and 100 back, the latter with a 6-second best time. Meredith also improved her 50 free and back times by 10 seconds each and took an incredible 54 seconds off her 100 freestyle time! Kaelin Zwambag, at her first swim meet, raced along with Meredith in this division.

For girls’ aged 11-12, Paige Constantinescu placed second in her 100 back with a perfect set of flip turns and improved her time in the event by 23 seconds. Paige also improved her 50 back and 50 breast times by 11 seconds each, and her 100 free time – again with a perfect set of flip turns – by a cool 32 seconds!

Zion Girard raced at her first meet in this division, having just joined the Bluebacks at the beginning of October. She won the 25 free and the 25 back and placed second in the 100 kick.

Maia Purita won the 100 kick in this division, took 16 seconds off her 50 free time and improved her 50 backstroke by 24 seconds. Sequoia Wood placed second in the 50 fly and improved her 50 back by 9 seconds and her 100 free by 17 seconds.

On the men’s side of the 11-12 age division, Gabriel Ungehojer won the Gold aggregate medal with first place finishes in the 50m butterfly, the 50 and 100 back and the 50 and 100 free, and a second place finish in his only other event, the 50 breast. Gabe had a perfect set of best times, swimming four seconds faster in his 50 free, six seconds in his 50 fly and 50 back, 11 seconds in his 50 breast and 13 seconds in both his 100 free and 100 backstroke. Gabe’s times in the 50 and 100 back, 50 fly, 50 breast and 50 free are fast enough for him to race athletes from swim clubs in northern and interior BC at the Winter Divisional championships in Penticton at the end of February. Maybe there he’ll finally find some competition!

In the boys’ 13-14 age division, Oliver Ungehojer tied for the Silver medal with a rival from Prince Rupert, Kiefer Butt. Oliver won the 50 and 200 breast, placed second in the 100 breast and 100 free and third in the 200 IM and 50 free. Oliver also had a perfect set of best times: he improved his 50 free by three seconds, his 50 breast by five seconds, his 100 breast by 13 seconds, his 100 free by 15 seconds, his 200 breast by 20 seconds and his 200 IM by 22 seconds. Oliver’s 100 breast time meets the SwimBC standard to attend northern and interior regional championships.

Cameron Constantinescu won his first official 200 free in this division and placed third in the 50 back and 100 back and 100 free. His 50 backstroke was an 11-second best time, his 100 free a 20-second best time, his 100 back a 30-second best time and his 200m individual medley a 48-second best time.

Darien Sambo won the 100 kick in this division and had a perfect set of best times: he improved his 50 free time by eight seconds when he swam it as the first leg of the 4x50m freestyle relay, his 50 back and 100 free by 20 seconds each and his 100 back by 32 seconds. His 100 kick was a 34-second best time.

Nevaeh Mumford, Brooklynn Simms and Marlee Swain raced in the girls’ side of the 12-13 age-division. Nevaeh achieved best times in all of her events. She improved her 50 free time by four seconds, her 50 back by 11 seconds, her 50 breast time by 13 seconds, her 50 fly by 15 seconds, her 100 free by 16 seconds and her 100 IM time by 17 seconds! Brooklynn improved several of her best times, including a six-second drop in the 100 free, a seven-second drop in the 50 fly and a 12-second drop in the 100 back. Marlee won both the 100 kick and the 25 back.

In the girls’ 15 and over division, Camryn Costain won the silver aggregate medal with wins in the 50 free and 100 and 200 IM and second-place finishes in the 50 fly and 50 and 100 breast. Carmyn went a perfect set of best times including a seven-second improvement in her 100 breast and a 21-scond improvement in her 200 IM. Camryn’s 50 freestyle time was within a second of the time standard she needs to qualify for the northern and interior regional championships.

Amy McKay and Laura Billson tied for silver in this division: Laura won the 200 breast and 200 and 400 free (the latter with a wonderful 34-second best time) and placed second in the 200 IM, while Amy won the 50, 100 and 200 back, placed second in the 100 fly and third in the 200 IM.

Emma Kuirinlahti and Brook-Lynn Meijer raced in this division. Brook-Lynn placed third in the 50 back and 100 free in this division and improved her 100 free time by 10 seconds, her 50 fly and 50 back times by 12 seconds each, and 100 back time by 26 seconds. Emma placed second in the 200 back (with an 8-second best time) and 50 free and third in the 100 IM.

Matthew Block won the Bronze aggregate medal in the men’s 15-and-over division by winning the 50 breast, placing second in the 50 back, 50 free and 100 IM and placing third in the 50 fly and 100 free. Matthew had a perfect set of best times including 10-second shaves in his 50 back and 50 breast, 15-second shaves in his 50 fly and 100 free and a 26-second shave in his 100 IM.

Thank you to the coaches who train our swimmers: Baylee, Crystal and Juliet. Baylee attended the meet and supervised warm-ups, helped with the team cheers and taught our swimmers proper meet etiquette, worked on technique and race tactics with each of the senior swimmers as well as many of the juniors, collected their splits, and provided feedback after their races. She continues to provide major support for our athletes.

The Bluebacks look forward to hosting the Kitimat Marlins, the Prince Rupert Aquatic Club and the Bulkley Valley Otters at our home meet from December 10-12. We hope as many as possible of our new and veteran athletes will compete and support each other at this meet.