For the safety of RAST Staff, our community and yourself, please remember to wear a facemask and observe 6 feet for Social Distance.

Revolution Aquatics Swim team is proud to manage and administer the Kilkenny Pool.  RAST is now managing, maintaining, programming and running the day to day operations at Kilkenny Pool.

We are excited to open up for Kilkenny Pool Swimming Membership.  

You do not have to be a member of RAST to become a Kilkenny Pool member!

Kilkenny Pool Membership


By joining Kilkenny for the Sumer 2020 season you will be able to:

  • Reserve pool time at Kilkenny for your family Rec Swim for up to 55 Min at a time
  • Reserve Pool time for Lap swimming for up to 55 min at a time
  • Reserve Pool time for a Pool Party*
  • Receive a 20% discount on ALL membership fees and programs for Kilkenny Pool Summer 2021!


Family Membership (up to 6 Members) :                   $250.00

Additional Members (limit 4)                                      $25.00

Lap Swimming Only (1 swimmer; 10 Pool Visits):     $60.00

Lap Swimming Only (1 swimmer; 20 Pool Visits):     $100.00

2020 Summer Season

Start: July 24th Thru Early October Weather Permitting**

2020 Summer Schedule

Thursday   8:15a to 3:30p                                            By reservation ONLY

Friday        5:00a to 3:30p and 5:30-9:00                    By Reservation ONLY

Saturday    1:00p-9:00p                                               By Reservation ONLY

Sunday      6:00a-9:00p                                               By Reservation ONLY

Monday-Thursday                                                       CLOSED

*Schedule subject to change, Pool will be closed when no reservations are in effect.  No 


Joining the Kilkenny Pool

Email [email protected] or [email protected] for an application. 

On the email SUBJECT line, please indicate KILKENNY POOL MEMBERSHIP.  

Fill out the application and return either by email or in person to the pool Monday thru Thursday 6:00-11:15a

Go to Kilkenny pool between Monday thru Thursday between 6:00a-8:30a or 4:00-8:30p and pick up an application.

Wait to receive a welcome email

After application has been received and approved:

You will get an email with log in instructions

You will then go to the Team Events Tab and look for "Kilkenny Reservation"

Link to the reservations page, reservation instructions and any other pertinent information will be emailed.

*Dont have an email or like to talk to us-GREAT! Give RAST a call at 915-231-0695 leave a message, text or call between 7a-7p. 

Reservations will be confirmed via email the same day; if the slot has been filled, you will receive notice of available times remaining times so you may select a different time slot.


Revolution Aquatics Swim Team is following and enforcing all CDC,City, County, State and Federal Mandates in order to ensure our members and our community's safety.  Kilkenny Members must sign and agree to the terms and conditions of using Kilkenny Pool including, but not limited to all the COVID-19 safety guidelines.  Failure to comply to this guidelines will result in membership termination and exclusion for the remainder of the 2020 Summer Swim Season.  Please follow all guidelines in place.  A copy of the Pool rules and Guidelines is available under the Kilkenny Pool Tab and must be agreed before membership is granted.  NO EXCEPTIONS.