General Pool Rules

  1. No running
  2. No Horseplay
  3. No Dunking
  4. No Diving on Shallow ends
  5. No Alcoholic Beverages
  6. No Smoking or Vaping
  7. No Bullying
  8. No Abusive language-Verbal, cursing or otherwise


  1. One family at a time
  2. House hold is defined by the people living within one roof, guest are prohibited
  3. Non-listed household members will NOT be allowed in the pool
  4. 6 feet minimum distance between House hold members and NON household members
  5. Bathroom use for emergencies only
  6. NO Changing at the pool-Must arrive with swim suit on and leave with swim suit on.
  7. NO use of Diving board
  8. NO use of water slide
  9. NO Snack bar
  10. Must clean area prior to leaving
  11. Must respect curret CDC, City, County, State and Federal Mandates regarding COVID-19