Radford Aquatics Swim Team

Radford Aquatics Swim Team LLC. is a privatle owned swim team owned and operated by Coach Gus Viveros.  Radford Aquatics Swim Team is strongly supported a board of directors who meets regularly to enact new rules, discuss the direction of the team and evaluate the performance of the team and each of the coaches.  The board helps to ease the comunication between coaches and team members.  Radford Aquatics Swim Team offers several programs as follows:

Radford Aquatics Swim Team- year round Swim Team

Radford Aquatics Swim Team (RAST) year round swim team is a team member of USA Swimming.  RAST is the premier program offerd by Radford Aquatics Swim Team LLC.  RAST is an active, competitive member of Border Swimming LSC. 

RAST Membership Requirements:

Tryouts-New members Only

Long Course Season (April 1-July 31st)

Swimmers must show proficiency on all for strokes, and maintain technique for an entire 400 IM.  If unable to maintain technique, please refer to Summer League Swim Team and/or Stroke Clinic sections. 

Participants must be 9 years old, or 8 year with atleast 2 years swimming experience and must pass a trial period of 1 week to show proficiency.

Short Course Season (August 17-March 25)

Tryouts are held Monday-Thursday  4:00-5:30pm starting August  10, 2015 at Radford Pool. (2001 Radford St)

The tryout consist of swimming 25yds unnassisted. Must show some level of comfort in the pool at depths of 9 feet.  This is the minimum for our starting group (Green Group).

In order to be considered for the Silver Group:

  • Must swim 25 yds unnassisted
  • Able to swim 15yds on back
  • between 8-13 years old

In order to be considered for the Black Group:

  • Must meet Silver Group requirments
  • 13 and olders
    • Swim 25 yds legal Butterfly, Breastroke and Backstroke
    • Must swim 200yds Continous
  • 9-12 year olds
  • Must be able to complete 5x100 Freestyle on 2:00
  • Must be able to complete 3x100 IM on 2:30

Map to Radford Pool