2018-2019 Short Course Season

Gustavo Viveros
Mar 19, 2019

2018-2019 Short Course Season

The Short Course Season 2018-2019 saw RAST reach new heights and approach many of its goals.  The season was full of surprises and amazing swims.  Starting off with RAST hosted Knights Challenge 2018.  The meet was attended by over 400 Swimmers and the Knights began the season winning the first meet of the year.  The meet was a success not only in performance, but with our parents running a great meet to start our short course season, RAST cannot function without our amazing families!!

RAST continued the year with a great showing from the Del Norte Series, San Diego-Imperial Winter Age Group Championships, Border Champs, Sectionals and wrapping it all up with TAGS.  At the Del Norte Series, RAST obtained several High Point awards including Alejandra Trejo, Iker Barrios and Carlos Barrios among others.  At the San Diego Imperial Winter Age Group Championships the Knights met some tough competition and stepped up to the challenge, with Eli Villalva, Evan Bennett, Vance Comfort reaching A and B finals in their individual events while Isaiah Eichel made finals in all 7 events winning the 400 IM and setting a new LSC Record in the process.  At Border Champs, RAST had the BEST showing since its founding.  Four years in the making and the Knights were as close as can be to winning the Border Championship finishing 3rd with a difference of 12 points from 2nd and a small margin of 171 points from first place!! A great LSC finish to a great season!

  • This year the Knights were fighting for the LSC Championship until the bitter end, where RAST just did not have enough swims to make the difference, but clearly set itself apart winning many Gold Medals at the LSC Championship. 
  • Sectionals was the first of two post season meets, where the Knights had a few qualifiers, 2 competitors at Texas A & M the Knights fought their best with Estrella Martinez leading the way with a best time  in the 100 Breast, and competing in the 200 Breast and 200 IM. John Key also finished up his season with 4 Individual swims at Sectionals including the 200 IM, 400 IM, 100 Breast and 200 Breast.  
  • The Age Group swimmers finished their season at TAGS, with Isiah Eichel and Gavin Chavira representing RAST.  Gavin had a High place finish of 17th place in the 50 Fly placing him as the first alternate.  While Isaiah Eichel did his best considering a high fever limited his participation to 5 out of the original scheduled 7 swims.  Isaiah fought proudly to a 5th place finish in the 500 Free, 6th place finish in the 50 Fly and managed to win the 100 Free and 100 Fly consolation finals finishing 9th in both events, while learning the important lesson that you may not always feel 100%, but you always give 100%.

Top 3 Medalist at Border Champs and other Impressive performances for RAST 2018-2019 Short Course:

John Key

Won High Point Award at Each LSC Meet he participated:

2018 Knights Challenge RAST

2018 Pecan Classic LCAT

2018 Sprintacular SWAT

2018 Turkey Splash DSSC

2018 Leo Cancelare Memorial Meet EPAP

Won swimmer of the meet representing Franklin High school at the EPISD Invitational

2019 Border Championship-Medaled in 6 of 7 events

400 IM- 1st * Sectional Event

200 Breast- 1st * Sectional Event                                               

200 Back- 1st

500 Free- 2nd

100 Breast- 2nd *Sectional Event

200 Free- 2nd

*Swam 200 IM at Sectionals

Alyssa Bucher

1650 Free 1st

500 Free 2nd

1000 Free 1st

Great showing on the Distance events:

Fastest time out of all District High School meets in El Paso on the 500 Free

Finished 3rd at Regionals 500 Free

1,650 Yd Freestyle Border Champ with a time 18:49.11

Evan Bennet

Just out of Sectionals Qualifying for more 6 events

100 Fly- 3rd

100 Free- 1st

50 Free – 2nd

200 Free- 3rd

100 Back – 1st

Isaiah Eichel

400 IM- 1st

100 Fly- 1st

100 Free-1st

500 Free- 1st

200 Fly- 1st

200 Free- 1st

1000 Free – 1st

4 New Border Records

50 Fly (6th @TAGS); 500 (5th @TAGS) Free; 1000 Free; 400 IM

Gavin Chavira

200 IM- 3rd

500 Free- 2nd

100 Fly-2nd

50 Breast- 2nd

100 Free- 3rd

50 Free- 3rd

100 Back- 1st

50 Fly- 1st

First time Qualifier to TAGS

50 Fly

100 Back

50 Back

Estrella Martinez

200 Breast- 2nd

*Also swam 200 IM and 100 Breast at Sectional Meet

Alvaro Avila

200 IM – 2nd

500 Free- 1st

100 Fly- 1st

50 Breast-3rd

100 Free – 2nd

200 Free – 1st

100 IM – 2nd

Mikaela Soto-Ruiz

200 IM- 3rd

500 Free- 2nd

50 Breast- 3rd

50 Free- 3rd

Javier Terrazas

1650- 2nd

200 Back- 2nd

500 Free- 2nd

1000 Free- 2nd

Jacob Vallejo

100 Free- 3rd

200 Back- 3rd

1000 Free- 1st

Leo Evensen

50 Back- 3rd

Valeria Garcia

500 Free- 1st

100 Fly- 1st

200 Free- 1st

100 Back- 1st

Joe Joe Gonzalez

50 Breast – 3rd

50 Fly – 3rd

Emilio Guerra

500 Free- 3rd

100 Breast- 3rd

Samirah Avila-

50 Fly – 3rd

Ariana Meza

1650 Free 2nd

200 Back 2nd

100 Back 2nd

1000 Free 1st

Nick Ochoa

100 Breast 3rd

Galo Rodarte

200 IM- 3RD

200 Fly- 3rd

Ariana Romaner

200 Breast 2nd

Mariel Sigala-Carcano

500 Free- 3rd

100 Back- 2nd

Hassan Soliman

200 Free 3rd

Eli Villalva

200 Fly- 2nd

Arisa Meza

50 Breast- 3rd

500 Free – 3rd

Kayla Anderson

200 Free- 2nd

These are just the Knights that finished in the top three, but, so many more Knights that helped RAST push for that Championship finish with 95% of our Knights making finals and scoring points!!

Now, is this as far as were going Knights?  Coaches do not think so, this is just the beginning.  RAST has so many more goals to accomplish, so many other fast meets to final in and time standards to make.  Enjoy a restful Spring Break for starting March 25th we continue RAST search for Excellence in Swimming!!

RAST Coaching Staff 2019

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