Age Group Zones Team Selection Now Open

Gustavo Viveros
May 16, 2019



The Age Group Zones Championship is a yearly meet where the LSC-NOT the individual team-compete against other LSC’s in the Southern Zone which includes swimmers from Florida, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina and many more. This year Championship Meet will be held in Carey, North Carolina.  Last year Border Swimming Came in 10th place, 36 points behind Louisiana….LET’S DO BETER THIS YEAR!!

The Age Group Zones Team is forming NOW!

Did you win a GOLD medal at Border Champs?

Do you have AA time in the event you won?


You did not win GOLD medal at Border Champs….

You do have one or more AA times…


Border Swimming Selection criteria shows that swimmers with AA time in one or more events may still be selected to the Border Swimming Select team to compete at Age Group Zones.

Simply, go to our website, select Links from the website menu, and fill out the application….is that easy!!

The selection will be based on the available spots for the team, events where swimmers achieved AA time or better and applicants Power Points*.

Where can I see the AA time standards?

 Right on our website, click on Documents, select the Time Standards tab and then select the 2017-2020 Motivational time standards and they are listed by age group and course-Long Course Meters (LCM), Short Course Yards (SCY) and Short Course Meters (SCM).

Where can I see MY swimmer’s times?

There are many ways to access your swimmers times. 

  1. For the latest up to date times that will be recognized across USA Swimming go to   fill out the proper fields and see your swimmers best times.
  2. The TeamUnify platform- Log on to the website and:

a. Go to Events

b. Go to Results

c. Go to Top Times

I got my swimmers times, and they are AA or better, but still don’t know their power points?

When you use the USA Swimming link above, you will also see the power points each event gives your swimmer.

My Swimmer WON and event and has AA, do we need to apply?  YES!! Apply today to secure your spot!!

All I know is my swimmer has AA times, should we apply?  YES! The worse thing that happens is they are in the running for a spot, so you never know, APPLY TODAY!!!

Border swimming will provide $365.00 per swimmer to attend and compete, the remainder balance is each swimmer’s responsibility.  This is a Border Team event, swimmers will travel, stay and eat meals with the Select Team and Coaches.

Knights, lets represent El Paso Swimming in Carey, North Carolina, and show them how the Knights swim fast, #RASTFAST; #BORDERFAST