SWIM Families: Please be aware that your monthly charges are used to pay for payment of coaches and practice lanes.

Short Course Season Membership 7-month Commitment (September-March) Dues effective August 2019

Swimmer Group Monthly Rate Season Prepay*
Green $95 $625
Blue $100 $650
Aqua $100 $650
Black $100 $650
Senior $110 $700
SWAT Starters (3-month commitment) $100  No discount
Long Course Fees (April to July 2020) $100
Registration Fees Per Swimmer
USA Swimming $77 Annually
USA Swimming FLEX (for SWAT Starters) $20 Annual Renewal
SWAT Registration $50 one time**
SWAT Starters Registration $50 (includes $20 USAS Fee)
SWIM Clinic $50

*Season Prepay discount is only only effective if cash/check payment is made in full by August 31, 2019. Due to merchant fees, credit cards will not be accepted for season prepay discount.

**This is a one-time fee as long as membership is renewed during Pre-Registration

Multiple Swimmer Discount - Families with multiple registered swimmers will receive a discount off of their monthly membership fees. There is no extra discount for prepaying the season. 

No. of Swimmers Discount
2 3%
3 6%
4 8%
5 10%

Payment Options: SWAT’s electronic billing system, Team Unify, allows families to pay by credit card* or ACH from checking account. If a family wishes to pay by check or cash, payment must be made by the 211st of the month prior to the next billing cycle or a late fee of $10/month will be assessed.  

*Please note that should your credit or debit card expire; it is your responsibility to provide updated billing information. Failure to update information prior to the next billing cycle will incur a $10/month late fee.

Meet Entry Fees: Swim meet entry fees are generated at the time SWAT submits the entries for a meet and billed to members at the beginning of the following month. In the event that your athlete is unable to participate in a meet after the meet entry deadline has passed, the meet entry fee is non-refundable. (Consult meet invitation for listing of fees per meet.) 

Late Fees: A $10 late fee per month will be assessed for all accounts more than 5 days delinquent. Any Fees that are more than 60 days past due will result in a suspension of a swimmer’s account and all swimming privileges, until paid in full. 

SWAT Registration Fees - In order to cover season startup administrative costs, SWAT charges a one-time registration fee of $50.This is a one-time fee as long as the account had an active membership the preceding long course and/or short course season. Returning members must renew their membership during the designated Pre-Registration.

USA Swimming Registration Fee - $77 annually 

USA Swimming FLEX Registration Fee (for SWAT Starters) - $20 annually 

All swimmers practicing with a member club or competing in events sanctioned by USA Swimming must be registered as athlete members of USA Swimming. Athlete members must meet the rules of eligibility contained in Article 303. This fee is sent directly to Border Swimming/USA Swimming.



SWAT’s season budget and rental of practice lanes depends on the number of swimmers with active memberships on our team. For this reason, it is important for members to keep their season commitment and billing information up to date.

Season Commitment: During the commitment period (September to March for Short Course Season or April to July for Long Course Season), upon written request to the team registrar, a swimmer may be released from your season commitment. You will be charged a cancellation fee, equal to one-monthly payment, except in the following cases:

  1. Military Deployment
  2. Family Relocation
  3. Extended Medical Situation – doctor’s note will be required

Medical Leave: If a swimmer must take a physician’s prescribed, 1 month or longer, leave of absence for medical reasons, a doctor’s note* must be submitted 5 days prior to the next month’s billing cycle. The swimmer’s account will be suspended for the duration of the physician’s prescription.  *Doctor’s note must state expected date of return to activity

Notifying a coach that you are cancelling membership or taking a leave of absence is appreciated, but shall not be considered as a formal written cancellation and does not affect your billing. 

Cancelling your membership does not release you from financial responsibility for unpaid swim meet fees incurred prior to cancellation, unpaid USA Swimming Registration fees, and/or any past due balances due to SWAT.