This is our general handbook. Some items may vary.


Swimming is a strenuous sport involving travel to other pools or cities.  This "Hold Harmless" agreement demonstrates that you acknowledge this fact and release SWAT of liability associated with any accident or injury.

This document lays out the financial expectations and responsibilities for swimmers and their families.

Membership in SWAT requires certain volunteer hours on the part of participating families.  This document explains the details.

SWAT's policies and guidlines for entering swim meets.

This document lays out the basic pool rules and etiquette expected from all members of the Swat family.  Swimmers will be representing both SWAT and Border Swimming.  This code of conduct is an agreement on the part of the swimmer to behave accordingly.  Finally, in such a highly competitive sport, the swimmers aren't the only ones who can get a little over-excited!  This contract covers what is considered acceptable behavior for parents/guardians during practices and meets.

  • Coaching Guidelines

This document lays out the coaching philosophy of SWAT, standards for each level of swimmer, and outlines disciplinary action.  This must be read by the swimmer and parents.

  • Group and Training Goals

This lays out the training guidelines and goals for each training group, along with estimated age ranges for each group.

This provides an overview of what to expect at a standard meet.

This provides equipment guidelines for each group.