Event Fundraising
Let's make a SPLASH this Short Course Season!
SEP 24
Time: 8:00 AM
EIN: 74-2976113
Westside Natatorium
Jed Untereker Email
With our short course season starting, we are excited to announce this year's one BIG team fundraiser, our 8th Annual SWAT 3000. In addition to helping us cover team operational expenses, this year we are allowing swimmers to use some of the money they raise for local meet fees, in addition to team travel.

So the more donations you get, the more you can save on swimming expenses!

SWAT 3000 is a USA Swimming Foundation approved fundraising event called a Swim-a-Thon, which brings all of our kids together for a swimming and smoothie event. The older kids swim 3000 yards, while our younger kids do a fun practice. We then have a little party afterwards. Plus, there will be prizes for individuals and the group that raises the most money!

See the attached FAQ for all the information on this year's event, and thank you for your support of SWAT!
Participants | Rank 0/126
$1,200.00 Julius Smith
$1,185.00 Kyara Felch
$1,075.00 Kaylah
$1,025.00 Arturo Flores
$912.00 Makai Wray
Top Roster (amount)
$5,555.00 Unassigned
$4,905.00 Black
$4,563.56 Blue
$1,371.05 Aqua
$1,030.00 Senior
Top Locations (amount)
$12,869.61 Long Course
$6,635.00 Short Course
$35.00 Unassigned