WETT Swim Club Volunteers

WETT Club is a volunteer driven organization. In addition to the fees collected to pay the coaches and keep our swimmers in the water, families are required to complete a Parent Commitment by volunteering their skills and time for the Del Norte Series Swim Meets and Border Swimming Championship Meet sessions assigned to WETT. If you are interested in taking on a specific duty, role, or task in addition to the meet sessions or becoming an official, please reach out to a WETT Swim Club Board Member. 


President - Amie Goeldner
Treasurer- Dax Hughes
Safe Sport Coordinator - Martha Melendez
Registrar- Carolina Alarcon
Secretary - Christina Montoya-Halter
Head Coach- Jack Lin
Past President - Isaac Valles


Coaches - Jack Lin, Isaac Valles
Community & Meet Sponsorship - Melissa Barba
Hospitality - Veronica Sosa
Lane Allocation - Isaac Valles
Meet Entry Chair - ______________________
Merchandise/Team Items - Carolina Alarcon
New Swimmer Inquiries - ________________
Social Media Contributors - ______________
Team Events - _________________________
Volunteer Coordinator - Melissa Valles
Website - _____________________________

Del Norte Series Swim Meets

Announcer - Carlos Sosa
AO - Brett Eliott
Director - _____________________________
Meet Referee - John Bernhard

Border Swimming

Age Group Chair - Isaac Valles
Delegate - Carolina Alarcon
Officials Representative - Suze Aguirre
Officials - Adrian Aguirre, Carolina Alarcon, Brock Benjamin, Monica Benjamin, Amie Goeldner, Melissa Valles
Safe Sport Coordinator - Amie Goeldner
Secretary - Monica Benjamin
Student Athlete Committee, President - Brayden Goeldner
Student Athlete Committee, Representative - Zyenna Martinez