Q: Do swimmers have to compete in all of the Del Norte Series swim meets?
A: NO - Swimmers are not required to compete in all the meets. Swimmers are able to swim in which ever meets they decide along with their parents and coaches to participate whether that be one, all three or some and not others. High point will be awarded to the swimmer with the highest number of points earned for a combination of all the meets in the series.

Q: Are spectators required to pay?
A: YES - The City of El Paso will collect a $3 spectator fee per person. There is not a fee collected the day of the event for swimmers entering the pool to participate in the meet. 

Q: Are there relay events?
A: YES - This year, we have added relay events at the Del Norte Series Swim Meets.

Q: Are minimum times required?
A: NO - Swimmers are not required to have a minimum time for events in the Del Norte Seriers Swim Meets. In addition, athletes may NOT enter an event in which they have previously achieved a BB time for that age group prior to the FIRST Del Norte, September 17, 2022 in either short course or long course competition. They may, however, enter other events in the meet. This type of meet is intended for developmental swimmers. 

Q: Will heat sheet be available?
A: NO - Printed heat sheets will not be available for purchase at the meet. The heat and lane assignments will be available on Meet Mobile and Heat Sheets will be posted online to print.

Q: Will results be posted on Meet Mobile?
A: YES -  Heats, lanes, and results will be posted on Meet Mobile. Meet Mobile can be downloaded from the app store. There is a fee for the app and renews annually.

Q: Can I be on deck with my swimmer?
A: NO - Parents and spectators are not allowed on the pool deck. Arrangements should be made between parents and coaches regarding how to communicate with your swimmers during the meet. Swimmers going up to the spectator area must dry off before leaving the pool deck and changing rooms. 

Q: Will my swimmer be able to eat and drink on deck during the swim meet?
A: NO - Only water is allowed on the pool deck. Swimmers are allowed food and drink outside in the green area and are expected to keep the area clean.

Q: Are late or deck entries allowed?
A: NO - There are no late or deck entries the day of meet allowed. 

Q: Will my swimmer age up during the series?
A: NO - Athletes will compete in ALL MEETS based on their age as of the day of the first meet, September 17, 2022.

Q: How much are the entry fees?
A: $45 - Entry fee is $45 per swimmer per meet (not per event) in the series. There is not a swimmer surcharge or per event fee.

Q: How many events can my swimmer enter? 
A: Swimmers are limited to a maximum of four (4) individual events and one relay per meet.

Q: How do I enter my swimmer? 
Coaches will send out an email with a deadline to declare or decline for each meet. You can use the OnDeck app or Events and Swim Meet tab on the website. You will need to login into your account to edit or submit your committment. Do not contact the AO for meet entries, this is done by the team.

Q: How do I pay for the meet fees?
The meet fees will be posted to your account and can be paid along with your monthly training fees. Meets fees are not refundable after they are posted to your account.