Swim Gear

Required: Suit, Goggles, Kick Board, Pull Bouy, Fins, Paddles, Equipment/Wet Bag, Water Bottle 
Cost: About $100 to get started plus your choice of suit

Additional: Swim/Dry Bag, Drag Suit, Race Goggles, Race Suit, Bungee Cord, Snorkle (Seniors only), Temp Trainer (Seniors optional)

Click here to direct you to our: SWIM OUTLET WETT STORE
Use our team link for your purchases and WETT receives a stipend we are able to use to buy items for the team. Items shown below, including brand and styles, are only suggestions, recommendations. Swimmers and families may opt for the specific equipment and gear that best meets their needs and preferences. New accounts usual get a 10% Off offer from a pop up. There is a popular Plus membership that offers saving on orders that usually pays for itself in your first order. Look for a referral code to share with your friends that are new to swimming as well to save a little more.