Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) 

USA Swimming member clubs and LSCs are required to implement this Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy in full. The Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy must be reviewed and agreed to in writing by all athletes, parents, coaches and other non-athlete members of member clubs on an annual basis with such written agreement to be retained by the club. Acknowledgment of the WETT MAAPP is obtained by our members as part of the online registration process for each swim season and is available for review at all times on the website.

This Policy addresses risk areas that present opportunities for abuse to occur. The Policy covers five (5) areas:

  1. One-on-One Interactions
  2. Travel: Local & Team
  3. Social Media & Electronic Communication
  4. Locker Rooms & Changing Areas
  5. Massages & Rubdowns Board of Directors

Applicable Adults

Athlete Protection Training APT

All non-athlete members of USA Swimming and all adult athletes (age 18+) are required to complete the Athlete Protection Training

Effective June 23, 2020 all athlete members 18 years of age and older must satisfactorily complete the US Center for Safe Sport Athlete Protection Training Program every 12 months. Athletes who are not certified within 30 days after their 18th birthday or do not renew their certification every 12 months will not be permitted to participate in USA Swimming activities like sanctioned swim meets and practices.