Swimming Costs

Swimming expenses can quickly add up as much as we try to keep the costs for our families as low as possible. We think you should have a fair, realistic idea of how much swimming with WETT Swim Club will cost to ensure you can plan and understand the financial commitment.

Costs due at time of Registration for 2022 Short Course Season
$50: WETT Registration Fee per family

$105 Silver * $145 Gold * $170 Junior * $185 Senior: Training Fees Prorated for August and September

2022 Short Course Training Fees October through February
$70 Silver * $95 Gold * $110 Junior * $120.00 Senior
Monthly Training Fees are not prorated or refundable and are due by the 1st of every month

USA Swimming Memberships
$81/30: Border and USA Swimming fees for Year Round/Flex Membership (new swimmers, 12 & under only)

$100-$130 if you are starting off new to swimming there is required practice equipment each swimmer will need to purchase (check out the Swim Gear page for more info)
*Required: Every new swimmer gets a latex WETT swim cap after registering, suit, goggles, kick board, fins, pull bouy, equipment/wet bag, water bottle
*Additional: Practice, drag, race suits, personalized silicon caps, paddles, snorkel, temp trainer, WETT shirts and other team items, swim/dry bag

Meet and Travel Fees
$20-$110: Meet fees vary and are determined by the hosting team including swimmer surcharges, individual event charge, flat meet entry fees. 
Meet fees are non refundable in the event that swimmers do not attend the meet or cancel after the team entries have been submitted and will be retained by WETT Swim Club.
$0: Relays are determined by the Coaches and fees are paid by WETT, families are not charged
$50: Travel fee charged per family when participating in an out of town meet (not including Las Cruces). 
 This fee is non refundable in the event that families do not travel or attend the out of town meet after declaring to attend and canceling.
$$$: Travel expenses when going out of town of lodging, gas, meals for your family

Other Costs
$$$: WETT Team Items available for purchase during the season but are not required silicone caps, personalized caps, hats, tshirts, warmups, hoodies
$0.30 + 2.95%: Online payments paid on your account at wettswimclub.org charged for every credit card, debit card, echeck payment made electronically throught the Team Unify and/or On Deck app. 
$15: Late fee added account if balance not paid before the 5th of the month or meet fees not paid prior to the start of the meet
$50: Carry Over Fee charged to all accounts not paid in full by the end of each season determined by the last day of practice or competition

Parent Commitment Fee: $175 per missed commitment, or $500 opt out commitment. WETT requires a Parent Commitment. WETT hosts the Del Norte Meet Series plus championship meet sessions. It takes the entire team working together to make these events a success. Parents are required to participate in a minium number of events/sessions current set at three.. The Parent Commitment can be waived with a $500 contribution paid in full prior to the first event. Families that fail to show up for their selected Parent Commitment will charged a fee $175 to be paid in full prior to swimmers participating in the their next swim meet.