2022 Short Course Season

For helpful tips and questions about completing registration, please review the information at Short Course August 2022. Once you are ready, click the green button below to start the registration process. At the end, you must click the Submit Registration button to complete the online registration. You will receive a "Success!" message letting you know the registration has been submitted successfully.

Your credit card will be charged immediately including processing fees if selecting the credit card payment option. Select the check option to pay using Zelle and remember to submit your payment immediately using email: [email protected] Your registration will not be approved until payment is received. Check and cash payments will not be accepted.

Charges collected at Registration
Prorated August & September Training Fees

$ 105 Silver * $145 Gold * $170 Junior * $185 Senior

 $50 Team Registration

2022-2023 USA Swimming Membership required and will be processed differently this year to follow new USA Swimming rules.
$83 Year Round/Regular * $30 Flex (for new swimmers 12 and under only).

Required Parent Commitment: Parents are required to participate in a minium of three sessions at WETT hosted events, including Del Norte and Championship meets. The Parent Commitment can be waived with a $500 contribution paid in full prior to the first event. Families that fail to show up for their selected Parent Commitment will be charged a $175 fee to be paid in full prior to swimmers participating in the their next swim meet.